The Leading Provider of On-Call & After Hours Telephone Triage Service for Hospice, Home Care and more.

Our unique blend of professional staff, custom protocols, and an internet based phone system enable us to serve our clients with maximum efficiency. We are partnered with over 40 offices of 17 organizations coast to coast with a combined census of over 2,200 patients. Hospice On Call delivers value by linking compensation to census. Quality, value, and above all the kind of care that you yourself would deliver to your patients are the hallmarks of Hospice On Call.

Benefits of our On-Call and After Hours Telephone Triage Services include:

  • Continuous, transparent care for your patients and their families. We follow your direction and procedures. A seamless transition in transfer of calls means your clients will always have someone available to answer their questions.
  • A decrease in staff “burn out” rates. Taking the burden of on-call responsibility from your staff increases morale and overall employee satisfaction, without compromising quality.
  • A reduction in the number of crisis visits. Our calm, confident expertise helps educate your patients and their families, and can provide the phone triage care that often eliminates the need for home visits.

See what our clients have to say:

  • “Hospice On Call has reduced the number of calls that reach my on call staff which has helped me reduce overtime costs as well as eliminate burnout. They do a great job with our patients and if there is ever a problem they resolve it to my satisfaction, usually the same day.”

    Hospice Manager
  • “Hospice On Call is very thorough, when they triage a clinical matter they call the patient back in an hour to make sure the needs of that patient have been met. Their customer service and follow up are great, if I ever have a question they respond right away and take care of business. I also like the fact that all the calls are recorded and available for me to listen to so I can hear for myself what has happened on any particular call. This helps me not only to keep up on what happens after hours but manage my staff more effectively.”

    Area Director of Hospice Operations
  • “I appreciate that our patients and their families experience seamless service when our office is closed. Hospice On Call answers the phone with our name and they are able to provide the same information we would since they have access to our electronic medical records.The Hospice On Call nurses are knowledgeable and their management is always responsive to our needs.”

    Director of Hospice
  • “We are very happy with Hospice On Call. Their staff are kind, concerned, and considerate. They triage our calls well and are extremely professional with our staff, patients, facilities and families.”

    Hospice Clinical Manager
  • “Hospice on Call is an asset to us because, in addition to taking care of our patients, they give us a complete picture of what transpired while our office was closed and we use their end of shift reports to drive the care we provide the next business day. They are also very flexible and if we have an emergency and need to close our office they are ready at a moment’s notice to take our calls. Their customer service is first rate and if there is ever an issue it is resolved immediately, and with certainty as all the calls are recorded. If a family should misinterpret anything because of being in a stressful situation we always know exactly what was said.”

    Director of Hospice Services
    New Jersey
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