Hospice On Call provides seamless, reliable, consistent care. Our care is designed with input from our clients to meet their needs. Each Hospice On Call partner has their own toll free number which is coded with a caller ID so your callers are greeted by us with your organization’s name. Our staff are trained according to your custom protocols so that your patients are served exactly as you would serve them yourself.


Hospice On Call has caring, compassionate nurses who adhere to the highest professional and personal standards. They are expert in hospice care and protocols and pay strict attention to detail. They are calm in the face of stressful situations and always professional in their interactions with patients, caregivers, family, and staff.


Compensation is per patient per week. We design programs fitted to your budget. Our clients experience reduction of staffing costs without loss of quality in care. Partnership with Hospice On Call means less recruitment, less training, no scrambling to fill in when staff call off or take vacations.


Each call with patients, caregivers, facilities, and hospice staff is recorded. If there is ever a question of what was said, who was notified, or what was promised there will be definitive answers.


Hospice On Call drives appropriate utilization of care, and promotes efficacy and efficiency. Hospice On Call has the flexibility to meet the needs of organizations both large and small. Save your staff from burnout by letting us take the call so they don’t have to.


Each partner hospice provides customized protocols for Hospice On Call to follow. The client chooses how issues are addressed and what will trigger a call to the on call nurse. We can work with your pharmacy and DME provider to insure your patients have their needs met.


Hospice On Call staff can place an entry in your EMR for each call we take. An end of shift report is provided daily with a record of the night’s activity.


Hospice On Call has hospice trained and experienced nurses. Their expertise and knowledge is backed up by an active QA program that operates daily. Our staff will take care of your patients just as you would yourself.

Hospice On Call works with you behind the scenes to provide dependable, continuous after hours phone triage service for your patients and their families. No more scheduling conflicts or last minute changes. You will always be confident knowing your patients and their loved ones will find a caring, competent professional to help, just a phone call away.