Hospice on Call is the Nation’s leading provider of on-call and after hours telephone triage for palliative care providers.

Oftentimes, hospice programs provide life-prolonging treatments, and some palliative care programs specialize in end-of-life care. Hospice On Call is your trusted source for telephone triage services for each of these situations. We will custom tailor protocols to fit your exact specifications that adhere to your programs guidelines.

Top Rated Telephone Triage Services for Home Care

Telephone Triage Services for palliative CareWe support your staff by eliminating their involvement in non-clinical calls and successfully triaging many clinical calls without contacting your busy on call staff. When it is necessary to contact your staff we can do so with a phone call or a HIPAA compliant text. Reduce burnout and optimize human resource utilization by taking the burden of after hours responsibility off your staff.

Your primary concern is the care and well being of your patients. Let Hospice On Call help you provide care that is professional, compassionate, and affordable. Your patients, families, and facilities will be pleased with the knowledge that a trusted professional is only a phone call away.

Hospice On Call provides seamless, reliable, consistent care. Our care is designed with input from our clients to meet their needs. Each Hospice On Call partner has their own toll free number which is coded with a caller ID so your callers are greeted by us with your organization’s name. Our staff are trained according to your custom protocols so that your patients are served exactly as you would serve them yourself.

Benefits of our Telephone Triage Services for Home Care include:

  • Continuous, transparent care for your patients and their families. We follow your direction and procedures. A seamless transition in transfer of calls means your clients will always have someone available to answer their questions.
  • A decrease in staff “burn out” rates. Taking the burden of on-call responsibility from your staff increases morale and overall employee satisfaction, without compromising quality.
  • A reduction in the number of crisis visits. Our calm, confident expertise helps educate your patients and their families, and can provide the phone triage care that often eliminates the need for home visits.

For questions or information on pricing call 1-773-661-1776 or send us an email by clicking here.